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The northwestern part of the Regional Unity of Chania and the whole of the island occupies an elongated peninsula wildernesses, the peninsula of Gramvousa.

Excursion boats starting from the port of Kissamos (Kastelli), the westernmost of Crete, enable tourists to experience a wonderful experience making the circumnavigation of the peninsula.

Benchmarks at sea this tour are sequentially Trachila bay, the cave of Tersanas, the Wuxi Cape (northern end), the islets Agria Gramvousa Gramvousa and Mouse, and the famous Balos lagoon, really unique natural beauty.

Balos is a summer attraction pole for hundreds of visitors on a daily basis, thanks to the breathtaking scenery that make up the islets of sand, turquoise waters and islands Gramvousa and Agria Gramvousa farther.

The Wild Gramvousa, with rocky and steep coastline is inhospitable, as indicated by its name.

Neighboring Gramvousa (Imeri Gramvousa) has a small port with a beautiful beach.

The island dominates impressive fortress, it began to be built by the Venetians in 1584. The fort was captured by the Turks in 1692 and fell to the rebels Cretans in 1825.
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