Loutro, Sfakia, Agia Roumeli South Crete
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Loutro, Sfakia, Agia Roumeli South Crete

Chora Sfakion (or Hora Sfakion) is a seaside village located 75 km from the city of Chania, on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, Crete, and is the capital of the region of Sfakia.

This small Cretan village as well as the region of Sfakia, is for those looking for a place to spend their holidays in nature, far away from mass tourism.

This translates either as relaxing on a quiet beach and or go hiking on the beautiful trails of the region.

Therefore, if you are a nature lover, or if you want to get away from the ordinary, this is one of the quiet resorts where you can stay to spend your holiday in Sfakia, Crete.

On the contrary, if you look for a cosmopolitan atmosphere and fun, this is not the right place. Take a look of the other resorts of Chania.

However, wherever you choose to stay, have in mind to visit the region of Sfakia during your daily excursions. You will view breathtaking sceneries.

Agia Roumeli (or Aghia Roumeli) is a small and quiet seaside village located in Sfakia regional unit, on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, Crete.

Part isolated and not easily accessible, on the north is surrounded by the White Mountains and the Samaria Gorge, and on the south extends the Libyan Sea.

Road network does not exist in Aghia Roumeli. The village is only accessible by ferry from the neighboring coastal areas.

Nevertheless, thousands of visitors pass by Aghia Roumeli each year.
Loutro is a small picturesque seaside resort village located on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, in the region of Sfakia, Crete.

It is not a real village with permanent residents. It’s a resort that operates mainly in the summer season and maybe on weekends or on holidays throughout the year.

Here there are no roads or car traffic, and apart from the ferry that comes and leaves, you will see small boats used either for pleasure or transportation, because the village is only accessible by sea (or walking).
If you are staying at Folia Hotel Apartments which is located in Agia Marina, and would like to visit Sfakia, it is actually quite simple. Of course, it is necessary to have a car for your trip, but a daily bus route is also available. Ask our reception for more details, and also visit our website at http://www.foliahotel.gr for more suggested trips.