Visit Places In Crete
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Visit Places In Crete

If you are staying at Folia Hotel Apartments which is located in Agia Marina, and would like to visit places in Crete it is actually quite simple.
Of course, it is necessary to have a car for your trip,for the most of the places but a daily bus route is also available.
Ask our reception for more details, and also visit our website at for more suggested trips.

Old Port
The Old Port is located in the northern part of the prefecture of Chania and consists of narrow streets and idiosyncratic buildings influenced by the many cultures that colonized the city over the centuries. Trademark of Chania is the Venetian lighthouse that although created by the Venetians rebuilt by the Egyptians so it looks more like a minaret. At the edge of the Old Port is situated the Maritime museum with exhibits on the history of the city.

Samaria Gorge
The largest canyon in Europe with 16 km in length – starts from Omalos and ends at Agia Roumeli. It has been declared a National Park because of its rich flora and fauna. Inside the Gorge of Samaria lives protected, the Cretan wild goat or “Kri Kri”. The path through the gorge is very interesting and relatively easy compared to other gorges of Crete.

The lagoon of Balos located in Cape Gramvousa at the southwest point of Crete near the town of Kissamos. You can go to Balos by boat from Kissamos or drive on dirt road to the end and have a little hike. The sea is warm crystal clear waters and stunning color to the sand. Considered the most impressive part of the prefecture of Chania with Elafonisi.

Elafonisi is located near the southeast corner of the island, 43 km from Kastelli and 76 from Chania. Access to the island is very close to the beach is about 100m on foot, because the water is very shallow! The water is pink from the thousands of shells that have grinders in time giving a special appearance on the sand.

The cedar forest is a rare beauty of cedar trees and is located  3km from Elafonisi eastward. It is a very quiet and clean beach with cold water used by campers during the summer who come for alternative tourism.

The ancient Falassarna located south of Chania 59km from the city and consists of 2 major beaches.

Agia Roumeli – Loutro
Agia Roumeli is a small village which Samaria Gorge leads to and is part of village of Sfakia. The beach has crystal clear water and access is only possible either by walking through the gorge or by boat from Sfakia and Paleochora. You can stay overnight at the apartments available in Agia Roumeli. From here, you can visit Loutro, another small picturesque hamlet where access can not be otherwise than only by boat from Agia Roumeli or Chora Sfakia.

Paleochora, also known as the bride of the Libyan Sea, is a rich town built on a peninsula south and west of the city of Chania. It features many sandy beaches and pebble beaches suitable for every taste and every weather.