Archaeological Museum of Chania
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 Archaeological Museum of Chania

The Archaeological Museum of Chania, in the heart of the old city of Chania, for almost sixty years was the ark that preserved, preserved and displayed the archaeological wealth of the land of Chania, offering thousands of visitors and scientists from Greece and around the world, knowledge, aesthetic pleasure, education and valuable experiences.

Saying goodbye to the hospitable katholikon of the Venetian Monastery of Agios Frangiskos, the antiquities will meet, in 2022, their older and younger visitors in a new, equally hospitable roof, in the premises of the new Archaeological Museum of Chania in Halepa, whose organization utilizes with great adequacy of the scientific and technological conquests of the 21st century.

The rich collections of the new Chania Museum, structured according to the spirit and requirements of modern museum practices, will continue to channel into the new conditions of the multidimensionally evolving Greek and international community, their strong cultural timeless example and message.

At a very close distance from the Archaeological Museum of Chania are the bus stations (Municipal Market Square) and intercity buses (Kydonias Street). The tour of the old town of Chania by many visitors on foot, includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chania.


Please follow the google maps link Archaeological Museum of Chania, to see the Location and the route from Folia Apartments

Working hours

Tuesday to Friday: 09:00 -14: 30

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 -15: 00