Agia Marina

an ideal location with crystal clear beaches

Agia Marina: A Vibrant and Bustling Destination

Located just 8 km from the heart of Chania, the well-known village of Agia Marina boasts a picturesque 2.5 km sandy beach with crystal-clear waters. The area provides stunning views of Thodorou Island, home to the unique Cretan wild goat, also known as the Kri Kri goat.

During the summer months, Agia Marina transforms into the city’s most lively and vibrant district. Both tourists and locals flock to the area for its beautiful beach, relaxing atmosphere, and various entertainment options, including numerous beach bars and taverns dotting the shoreline.

Agia Marina’s stunning surroundings make it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, as it offers opportunities to explore natural caves, canyons, and nearby villages. In upper Agia Marina, visitors can discover traditional houses and architecture, as well as authentic taverns serving local cuisine.

Adjacent to Agia Marina is the bustling Platanias This lively village is situated just a short distance from Folia Hotel Apartments, making it an ideal base for exploring the area.

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